Rob Leech
Selected Works
Notes on the Paint Can Works, 2009
"I knew a wise-guy who used to make fun of my painting, but he didnít like the Abstract 
Expressionists either. He said they would be good painters if only they could keep the paint 
as good as it is in the can. And thatís what I tried to do. I tried to keep the paint as good 
as it is in the can." Said Frank Stella in a 1964 radio interview. In his mischievous yet mesmerizing, 
intensely indulgent "paint can" series of works, Rob Leech  has literally kept the paint in the 
can. With the aid of water pumps normally used to create fountains in garden ponds, and air pumps 
for fish tanks he creates continuous, self-creating painterly gestures that occur within the can 
of paint - playfully poking fun at certain styles of painting and the seriousness of art while 
still preserving a positive attitude towards the world around us.