Rob Leech
Selected Works
Notes on Suck 'n' Blow Installation, 2009
I wanted Suck to take the appearance of a small, quivering dildo or a hand inside the paint can 
sticking one finger up (suck on this), as well as being suggestive of mint ice cream (suck on that).
Bubble-gum pink Blow is intended to reference a fanny or an arsehole as well as suggesting the blowing
of a kiss and a quick, excited heartbeat.
The titles Suck and Blow not only relate to a sexual activity but also to the way in which the pumps 
that create the gestures within the cans operate.
The paint used is non-drying. This means that the pieces will continue to self-create.
The monochromes on the walls are made by stretching PVC fabric over a wood support. This is very 
quick and economical. PVC is used because of its intensity of colour and its links with desire.
I see each work as a separate piece that combines with the others to create an installation.
The monochromes are intended as backdrops to view the work against. By this I mean both visually 
and intellectually. I hope that the backdrops prevent the paint can pieces from simply being one-liners 
and continue a conversation about colour, surface, material and the everyday.
The monochromes are titled Agent Orange and Agent Yellow. Agent Orange refers to a
deforestation chemical used in the Vietnam War (which helped pilots to see) as well as a cocktail 
(alcoholic - intoxicating). The word agent also suggests that the monochromes are an active 
ingredient to a bigger picture.
I am being humorous as opposed to being ironical.
I hope my installation treads a fine line between being a bit of a piss-take and being a 
celebration of colour, material and the everyday.